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109109 MCJIT and ExecutionEngine continue to be supported, though ORC should be
110110 preferred for new projects.
112 Changes to the C++ APIs
113 -----------------------
115 Three of the IR library methods related to debugging information for
116 functions and methods have changed their prototypes:
118 DIBuilder::createMethod
119 DIBuilder::createFunction
120 DIBuilder::createTempFunctionFwdDecl
122 In all cases, several individual parameters were removed, and replaced
123 by a single 'SPFlags' (subprogram flags) parameter. The individual
124 parameters are: 'isLocalToUnit'; 'isDefinition'; 'isOptimized'; and
125 for 'createMethod', 'Virtuality'. The new 'SPFlags' parameter has a
126 default value equivalent to passing 'false' for the three 'bool'
127 parameters, and zero (non-virtual) to the 'Virtuality' parameter. For
128 any old-style API call that passed 'true' or a non-zero virtuality to
129 these methods, you will need to substitute the correct 'SPFlags' value.
130 The helper method 'DISubprogram::toSPFlags()' might be useful in making
131 this conversion.
113133 Changes to the AArch64 Target
114134 -----------------------------