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322322 that you might find useful when writing RUN lines.


Lastly, you can easily mark a test that is expected to fail on a

325 specific platform by using the XFAIL keyword. Xfail lines are
325 specific platform or with a specific version of llvmgcc by using the XFAIL keyword. Xfail lines are
326326 specified in the comments of the test program using XFAIL,
327327 followed by a colon, and one or more regular expressions (separated by
328328 a comma) that will match against the target triplet for the
329329 machine. You can use * to match all targets. Here is an example of an
330330 XFAIL line:


332 ; XFAIL: darwin,sun
332 ; XFAIL: darwin,sun,llvmgcc4