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None Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 14:05:32 -0600 (CST)
1 From: Chris Lattner
2 To: LLVMdev List
3 Subject: What is test/Libraries?
5 Hey everyone,
7 There has recently been some confusion over what test/Libraries is and
8 what it is used for. The short answer is: it's used when building GCC,
9 not for tests, so you all shouldn't need to use it.
11 test/Libraries contains the LLVM "system libraries", which are linked to
12 programs when the linker is run with the appropriate -l switch (for
13 example -lm links in the "math" library). In general, these libraries are
14 just stubbed out libraries, because noone has had the time to do a full
15 glibc port to LLVM.
17 Problems arise because the makefiles have a number of hardcoded paths in
18 it that are used to copy files around and install the libraries, which
19 cause problems if anyone (except for me) uses them. I'm sorry a better
20 system isn't in place yet for these libraries, but if you just ignore
21 them, they won't cause you any harm. :)
23 -Chris
0 This directory contains the various runtime libraries used by components of
1 the LLVM compiler. For example, the automatic pool allocation transformation
2 inserts calls to an external pool allocator library. This runtime library is
3 an example of the type of library that lives in these directories.