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[DebugCounter] Move the semicolon out of the DEBUG_COUNTER macro and require it to be placed at the end of each use. This make it consistent with STATISTIC which it will often appears near. While there move one DEBUG_COUNTER instance out of an anonymous namespace. It's already declaring a static variable so the namespace is unnecessary. git-svn-id: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/llvm/trunk@310637 91177308-0d34-0410-b5e6-96231b3b80d8 Craig Topper 2 years ago
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12231223 .. code-block:: c++
12251225 DEBUG_COUNTER(DeleteAnInstruction, "passname-delete-instruction",
1226 "Controls which instructions get delete")
1226 "Controls which instructions get delete");
12281228 The ``DEBUG_COUNTER`` macro defines a static variable, whose name
12291229 is specified by the first argument. The name of the counter
160160 static const unsigned VARNAME = \
161 DebugCounter::registerCounter(COUNTERNAME, DESC);
161 DebugCounter::registerCounter(COUNTERNAME, DESC)
163163 } // namespace llvm
164164 #endif
117117 STATISTIC(NumGVNPHIOfOpsEliminations,
118118 "Number of things eliminated using PHI of ops");
119119 DEBUG_COUNTER(VNCounter, "newgvn-vn",
120 "Controls which instructions are value numbered")
120 "Controls which instructions are value numbered");
121121 DEBUG_COUNTER(PHIOfOpsCounter, "newgvn-phi",
122 "Controls which instructions we create phi of ops for")
122 "Controls which instructions we create phi of ops for");
123123 // Currently store defining access refinement is too slow due to basicaa being
124124 // egregiously slow. This flag lets us keep it working while we work on this
125125 // issue.
4848 static cl::opt VerifyPredicateInfo(
4949 "verify-predicateinfo", cl::init(false), cl::Hidden,
5050 cl::desc("Verify PredicateInfo in legacy printer pass."));
51 DEBUG_COUNTER(RenameCounter, "predicateinfo-rename",
52 "Controls which variables are renamed with predicateinfo");
5154 namespace {
52 DEBUG_COUNTER(RenameCounter, "predicateinfo-rename",
53 "Controls which variables are renamed with predicateinfo")
5455 // Given a predicate info that is a type of branching terminator, get the
5556 // branching block.
5657 const BasicBlock *getBranchBlock(const PredicateBase *PB) {