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10511051 and fast iteration over small sets. It is not intended for building composite
10521052 data structures.
1054 .. _dss_sparsemultiset:
1056 llvm/ADT/SparseMultiSet.h
1057 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1059 SparseMultiSet adds multiset behavior to SparseSet, while retaining SparseSet's
1060 desirable attributes. Like SparseSet, it typically uses a lot of memory, but
1061 provides operations that are almost as fast as a vector. Typical keys are
1062 physical registers, virtual registers, or numbered basic blocks.
1064 SparseMultiSet is useful for algorithms that need very fast
1065 clear/find/insert/erase of the entire collection, and iteration over sets of
1066 elements sharing a key. It is often a more efficient choice than using composite
1067 data structures (e.g. vector-of-vectors, map-of-vectors). It is not intended for
1068 building composite data structures.
10541070 .. _dss_FoldingSet:
10561072 llvm/ADT/FoldingSet.h