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633633 This leaves your working directories on their master branches, so you'll need to
634634 ``checkout`` each working branch individually and ``rebase`` it on top of its
635 parent branch. (Note: This script is intended for relative newbies to git. If
636 you have more experience, you can likely improve on it.)
635 parent branch.
637 To commit back changes via git-svn, use ``dcommit``:
639 .. code-block:: console
641 % git svn dcommit
643 Note that git-svn will create one SVN commit for each Git commit you have pending,
644 so squash and edit each commit before executing ``dcommit`` to make sure they all
645 conform to the coding standards and the developers' policy.
647 On success, ``dcommit`` will rebase against the HEAD of SVN, so to avoid conflict,
648 please make sure your current branch is up-to-date (via fetch/rebase) before
649 proceeding.
638651 The git-svn metadata can get out of sync after you mess around with branches and
639652 ``dcommit``. When that happens, ``git svn dcommit`` stops working, complaining
644657 % rm -rf .git/svn
645658 % git svn rebase -l
660 Please, refer to the Git-SVN manual (``man git-svn``) for more information.
647662 Local LLVM Configuration
648663 ------------------------