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1207212072 When specified with the fast-math-flag 'afn', the result may be approximated
1207312073 using a less accurate calculation.
12075 .. _int_fma:
1207512077 '``llvm.fma.*``' Intrinsic
1207612078 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1395213954 not be performed between the multiplication and addition steps if the
1395313955 code generator fuses the operations. Fusion is not guaranteed, even if
1395413956 the target platform supports it. If a fused multiply-add is required, the
13955 corresponding llvm.fma.\* intrinsic function should be used
13957 corresponding :ref:`llvm.fma ` intrinsic function should be used
1395613958 instead. This never sets errno, just as '``llvm.fma.*``'.
1395813960 Examples: