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10311031 Pass Statistics
10321032 ===============
1034 The `Statistic -source.html>`_ class is
1034 The `Statistic _source.html>`_ class is
10351035 designed to be an easy way to expose various success metrics from passes.
10361036 These statistics are printed at the end of a run, when the :option:`-stats`
10371037 command line option is enabled on the command line. See the :ref:`Statistics
10421042 What PassManager does
10431043 ---------------------
1045 The `PassManager -source.html>`_ `class
1045 The `PassManager _source.html>`_ `class
10461046 `_ takes a list of
10471047 passes, ensures their :ref:`prerequisites `
10481048 are set up correctly, and then schedules passes to run efficiently. All of the