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5353 Adds implicit negative checks for the specified patterns between positive
5454 checks. The option allows writing stricter tests without stuffing them with
55 ``CHECK-NOT``s.
55 ``CHECK-NOT``\ s.
5757 For example, "``--implicit-check-not warning:``" can be useful when testing
5858 diagnostic messages from tools that don't have an option similar to ``clang
207207 on string, int and bit objects. Use !cast to compare other types of
208208 objects.
210 ``!shl(a,b)``
211 ``!srl(a,b)``
212 ``!sra(a,b)``
213 ``!add(a,b)``
210 ``!shl(a,b)`` ``!srl(a,b)`` ``!sra(a,b)`` ``!add(a,b)``
214211 The usual logical and arithmetic operators.
216213 Note that all of the values have rules specifying how they convert to values