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163163 /// @brief Construct an empty (and invalid) path.
164164 Path() : path() {}
166 /// This constructor will accept a std::string as a path but it verifies
167 /// that the path string has a legal syntax for the operating system on
168 /// which it is running. This allows a path to be taken in from outside
169 /// the program. However, if the path is not valid, the Path object will
170 /// be set to an empty string and an exception will be thrown.
171 /// @throws std::string if \p unverified_path is not legal.
172 /// @param unverified_path The path to verify and assign.
166 /// This constructor will accept a std::string as a path. No checking is
167 /// done on this path to determine if it is valid. To determine validity
168 /// of the path, use the isValid method.
169 /// @param p The path to assign.
173170 /// @brief Construct a Path from a string.
174171 explicit Path(const std::string& p) : path(p) {}