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6565 * Leave the drop down on *Create a new Revision...* and click *Continue*.
6666 * Enter a descriptive title and summary. The title and summary are usually
6767 in the form of a :ref:`commit message `.
68 * Add reviewers and mailing
68 * Add reviewers (see below for advice) and subscribe mailing
6969 lists that you want to be included in the review. If your patch is
7070 for LLVM, add llvm-commits as a Subscriber; if your patch is for Clang,
7171 add cfe-commits.
8181 *Continue*.
8282 * Leave the Repository and Project fields blank.
8383 * Add comments about the changes in the new diff. Click *Save*.
85 Choosing reviewers: You typically pick one or two people as initial reviewers.
86 This choice is not crucial, because you are merely suggesting and not requiring
87 them to participate. Many people will see the email notification on cfe-commits
88 or llvm-commits, and if the subject line suggests the patch is something they
89 should look at, they will.
91 Here are a couple of ways to pick the initial reviewer(s):
93 * Use ``svn blame`` and the commit log to find names of people who have
94 recently modified the same area of code that you are modifying.
95 * Look in CODE_OWNERS.TXT to see who might be responsible for that area.
96 * If you've discussed the change on a dev list, the people who participated
97 might be appropriate reviewers.
99 Even if you think the code owner is the busiest person in the world, it's still
100 okay to put them as a reviewer. Being the code owner means they have accepted
101 responsibility for making sure the review happens.
85103 Reviewing code with Phabricator
86104 -------------------------------