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143143 an LLVM user a relationship between generated code and the original program
144144 source code.


Currently, debug information is consumed by the DwarfWriter to produce dwarf


Currently, debug information is consumed by DwarfDebug to produce dwarf

147147 information used by the gdb debugger. Other targets could use the same
148148 information to produce stabs or other debug forms.


561561 This defines the register AL and assigns it values (with
562562 DwarfRegNum) that are used by gcc, gdb, or a debug
563 information writer (such as DwarfWriter
564 in llvm/lib/CodeGen/AsmPrinter) to identify a register. For register
563 information writer to identify a register. For register
565564 AL, DwarfRegNum takes an array of 3 values representing 3
566565 different modes: the first element is for X86-64, the second for exception
567566 handling (EH) on X86-32, and the third is generic. -1 is a special Dwarf number