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0 Inspired by the CREDITS file from the Linux source tree, this file is,
1 likewise, at least a partial list of people who have contributed to the LLVM
2 project. The format and the next paragraph are stolen directly from that file.
4 The list sorted by name and formatted to allow easy grepping and beautification
5 by scripts. The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address (W), PGP key ID
6 and fingerprint (P), description (D), and snail-mail address (S).
8 N: Vikram Adve
9 E: vadve@cs.uiuc.edu
10 W: http://www.cs.uiuc.edu/~vadve/
11 D: The Sparc64 backend, provider of much wisdom, and motivator for LLVM
13 N: Misha Brukman
14 E: brukman@uiuc.edu
15 W: http://misha.brukman.net
16 D: Portions of X86 and Sparc JIT compilers, various other hacks
18 N: Cameron Buschardt
19 D: Author of the mem2reg pass
21 N: Casey Carter
22 D: Fixes to the Reassociation pass, various improvement patches
24 N: Brian Gaeke
25 E: gaeke@uiuc.edu
26 W: http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~gaeke/
27 D: Portions of X86 static and JIT compilers, reoptimizer framework cleanups
29 N: Chris Lattner
30 E: sabre@nondot.org
31 W: http://nondot.org/~sabre/
32 D: Primary architect of LLVM
34 N: Ruchira Sasanka
35 E: sasanka@uiuc.edu
36 D: Graph coloring register allocator for the Sparc64 backend
38 N: Anand Shukla
39 E: ashukla@cs.uiuc.edu
40 D: The paths pass
42 N: Bill Wendling
43 D: The Lower Setjmp/Longjmp pass