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523523 through all the steps of committing _without_ actually doing the commit, and
524524 tell you what it would have done. That can be useful if you're unsure whether
525525 the right thing will happen.
527 Reverting a change when using Git
528 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
530 If you're using Git and need to revert a patch, Git needs to be supplied a
531 commit hash, not an svn revision. To make things easier, you can use
532 ``git llvm revert`` to revert with either an SVN revision or a Git hash instead.
534 Additionally, you can first run with ``git llvm revert -n`` to print which Git
535 commands will run, without doing anything.
537 Running ``git llvm revert`` will only revert things in your local repository. To
538 push the revert upstream, you still need to run ``git llvm push`` as described
539 earlier.
541 .. code-block:: console
543 % git llvm revert rNNNNNN # Revert by SVN id
544 % git llvm revert abcdef123456 # Revert by Git commit hash
545 % git llvm revert -n rNNNNNN # Print the commands without doing anything
527547 Checkout via SVN (deprecated)
528548 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^