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7373 cross-module indirect call promotion.
7474 * Significant build-time and binary-size improvements when compiling with
7575 debug info (-g).
77 Code Generation Testing
78 -----------------------
80 Passes that work on the machine instruction representation can be tested with
81 the .mir serialization format. ``llc`` supports the ``-run-pass``,
82 ``-stop-after``, ``-stop-before``, ``-start-after``, ``-start-before`` to to
83 run a single pass of the code generation pipeline, or to stop or start the code
84 generation pipeline at a given point.
86 Additional information can be found in the :doc:`MIRLangRef`. The format is
87 used by the tests ending in ``.mir`` in the ``test/CodeGen`` directory.
89 This feature is available since 2015. It is used more often lately and was not
90 mentioned in the release notes yet.
7792 Intrusive list API overhaul
7893 ---------------------------