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227227 Changes to the AVR Target
228228 -----------------------------
230 * The entire backend has been merged in-tree with all tests passing. All of
231 the instruction selection code and the machine code backend has landed
232 recently and is fully usable.
230 This marks the first release where the AVR backend has been completely merged
231 from a fork into LLVM trunk. The backend is still marked experimental, but
232 is generally quite usable. All downstream development has halted on
233 `GitHub `_, and changes now go directly into
234 LLVM trunk.
236 * Instruction selector and pseudo instruction expansion pass landed
237 * `read_register` and `write_register` intrinsics are now supported
238 * Support stack stores greater than 63-bytes from the bottom of the stack
239 * A number of assertion errors have been fixed
240 * Support stores to `undef` locations
241 * Very basic support for the target has been added to clang
242 * Small optimizations to some 16-bit boolean expressions
244 Most of the work behind the scenes has been on correctness of generated
245 assembly, and also fixing some assertions we would hit on some well-formed
246 inputs.
234248 Changes to the OCaml bindings
235249 -----------------------------