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136136 favor for someone else. Note that anyone is welcome to review and give feedback
137137 on a patch, but only people with Subversion write access can approve it.
139 There is a web based code review tool that can optionally be used
140 for code reviews. See the documentation on `Code Reviews with
141 Phabricator `_.
139143 Code Owners
140144 -----------
0 .. _Phabricator:
1 .. _LLVM's Phabricator: http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com
2 .. _Code Repository Browser: http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/diffusion/
3 .. _Arcanist Quick Start: http://www.phabricator.com/docs/phabricator/article/Arcanist_Quick_Start.html
4 .. _Arcanist User Guide: http://www.phabricator.com/docs/phabricator/article/Arcanist_User_Guide.html
7 =============================
8 Code Reviews with Phabricator
9 =============================
11 .. contents::
12 :local:
14 If you prefer to use a web user interface for code reviews,
15 you can now submit your patches for Clang and LLVM at
16 `LLVM's Phabricator`_.
18 Sign up
19 -------
21 Sign up with one of the supported OAuth account types. If
22 you use your Subversion user name as Phabricator user name,
23 Phabricator will automatically connect your submits to your
24 Phabricator user in the `Code Repository Browser`_.
27 Requesting a review via the command line
28 ----------------------------------------
30 Phabricator has a tool called *Arcanist* to upload patches from
31 the command line. To get you set up, follow the
32 `Arcanist Quick Start`_ instructions.
34 You can learn more about how to use arc to interact with
35 Phabricator in the `Arcanist User Guide`_.
37 Requesting a review via the web interface
38 -----------------------------------------
40 The tool to create and review patches in Phabricator is called
41 *Differential*.
43 Note that you can upload patches created through various diff tools,
44 including git and svn. To make reviews easier, please always include
45 **as much context as possible** with your diff! Don't worry, Phabricator
46 will automatically send a diff with a smaller context in the review
47 email, but having the full file in the web interface will help the
48 reviewer understand your code.
50 To get a full diff, use one of the following commands (or just use Arcanist
51 to upload your patch):
53 * git diff -U999999 other-branch
54 * svn diff --diff-cmd=diff -x -U999999
56 To upload a new patch:
58 * Click *Differential*.
59 * Click *Create Revision*.
60 * Paste the text diff or upload the patch file.
61 Note that TODO
62 * Leave the drop down on *Create a new Revision...* and click *Continue*.
63 * Enter a descriptive title and summary; add reviewers and mailing
64 lists that you want to be included in the review. If your patch is
65 for LLVM, cc llvm-commits; if your patch is for Clang, cc cfe-commits.
66 * Click *Save*.
68 To submit an updated patch:
70 * Click *Differential*.
71 * Click *Create Revision*.
72 * Paste the updated diff.
73 * Select the review you want to from the *Attach To* dropdown and click
74 *Continue*.
75 * Click *Save*.
77 Reviewing code with Phabricator
78 -------------------------------
80 Phabricator allows you to add inline comments as well as overall comments
81 to a revision. To add an inline comment, select the lines of code you want
82 to comment on by clicking and dragging the line numbers in the diff pane.
84 You can add overall comments or submit your comments at the bottom of the page.
86 Phabricator has many useful features, for example allowing you to select
87 diffs between different versions of the patch as it was reviewed in the
88 *Revision Update History*. Most features are self descriptive - explore, and
89 if you have a question, drop by on #llvm in IRC to get help.
91 Status
92 ------
94 Currently, we're testing Phabricator for use with Clang/LLVM. Please let us
95 know whether you like it and what could be improved!