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8484 Phabricator allows you to add inline comments as well as overall comments
8585 to a revision. To add an inline comment, select the lines of code you want
8686 to comment on by clicking and dragging the line numbers in the diff pane.
87 When you have added all your comments, scroll to the bottom of the page and
88 click the Submit button.
88 You can add overall comments or submit your comments at the bottom of the page.
90 You can add overall comments in the text box at the bottom of the page.
91 When you're done, click the Submit button.
9093 Phabricator has many useful features, for example allowing you to select
9194 diffs between different versions of the patch as it was reviewed in the
127130 context. This also allows Phabricator to detect the commit, close the
128131 review, and add a link from the review to the commit.
133 Abandoning a change
134 -------------------
136 If you decide you should not commit the patch, you should explicitly abandon
137 the review so that reviewers don't think it is still open. In the web UI,
138 scroll to the bottom of the page where normally you would enter an overall
139 comment. In the drop-down Action list, which defaults to "Comment," you should
140 select "Abandon Revision" and then enter a comment explaining why. Click the
141 Submit button to finish closing the review.
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