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Fix a problem with the ARM assembler incorrectly matching a vector list parameter that is using all lanes "{d0[], d2[]}" but can match and instruction with a ”{d0, d2}" parameter. I’m finishing up a fix for proper checking of the unsupported alignments on vld/vst instructions and ran into this. Thus I don’t have a test case at this time. And adding all code that will demonstrate the bug would obscure the very simple one line fix. So if you would indulge me on not having a test case at this time I’ll instead offer up a detailed explanation of what is going on in this commit message. This instruction: vld2.8 {d0[], d2[]}, [r4:64] is not legal as the alignment can only be 16 when the size is 8. Per this documentation: A8.8.325 VLD2 (single 2-element structure to all lanes) <align> The alignment. It can be one of: 16 2-byte alignment, available only if <size> is 8, encoded as a = 1. 32 4-byte alignment, available only if <size> is 16, encoded as a = 1. 64 8-byte alignment, available only if <size> is 32, encoded as a = 1. omitted Standard alignment, see Unaligned data access on page A3-108. So when code is added to the llvm integrated assembler to not match that instruction because of the alignment it then goes on to try to match other instructions and comes across this: vld2.8 {d0, d2}, [r4:64] and and matches it. This is because of the method ARMOperand::isVecListDPairSpaced() is missing the check of the Kind. In this case the Kind is k_VectorListAllLanes . While the name of the method may suggest that this is OK it really should check that the Kind is k_VectorList. As the method ARMOperand::isDoubleSpacedVectorAllLanes() is what was used to match {d0[], d2[]} and correctly checks the Kind: bool isDoubleSpacedVectorAllLanes() const { return Kind == k_VectorListAllLanes && VectorList.isDoubleSpaced; } where the original ARMOperand::isVecListDPairSpaced() does not check the Kind: bool isVecListDPairSpaced() const { if (isSingleSpacedVectorList()) return false; return (ARMMCRegisterClasses[ARM::DPairSpcRegClassID] .contains(VectorList.RegNum)); } Jim Grosbach has reviewed the change and said: Yep, that sounds right. … And by "right" I mean, "wow, that's a nasty latent bug I'm really, really glad to see fixed." :) rdar://16436683 git-svn-id: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/llvm/trunk@204861 91177308-0d34-0410-b5e6-96231b3b80d8 Kevin Enderby 6 years ago
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13651365 }
13671367 bool isVecListDPairSpaced() const {
1368 if (Kind != k_VectorList) return false;
13681369 if (isSingleSpacedVectorList()) return false;
13691370 return (ARMMCRegisterClasses[ARM::DPairSpcRegClassID]
13701371 .contains(VectorList.RegNum));