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5656 ``string``
5757 The 'string' type represents an ordered sequence of characters of arbitrary
5858 length.
60 ``code``
61 The `code` type represents a code fragment, which can be single/multi-line
62 string literal.
6064 ``bits``
6165 A 'bits' type is an arbitrary, but fixed, size integer that is broken up
104108 hexadecimal integer value
106110 ``"foo"``
107 string value
111 a single-line string value, can be assigned to ``string`` or ``code`` variable.
109113 ``[{ ... }]``
110114 usually called a "code fragment", but is just a multiline string literal
125129 access to one bit of a value
127131 ``value{15-17}``
128 access to multiple bits of a value
132 access to an ordered sequence of bits of a value, in particular ``value{15-17}``
133 produces an order that is the reverse of ``value{17-15}``.
130135 ``DEF``
131136 reference to a record definition