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12001200 [Define to path to dotty program if found or 'echo dotty' otherwise])
12011201 fi
1202 AC_PATH_PROGS(XDOT, [xdot, xdot.py], [echo xdot])
1202 AC_PATH_PROGS(XDOT, [xdot xdot.py], [echo xdot])
12031203 if test "$XDOT" != "echo xdot" ; then
12041204 AC_DEFINE([HAVE_XDOT],[1],[Define if the xdot program is available])
12051205 dnl If we're targeting for mingw we should emit windows paths, not msys
72247224 _ACEOF
72267226 fi
7227 for ac_prog in xdot, xdot.py
7227 for ac_prog in xdot xdot.py
72287228 do
72297229 # Extract the first word of "$ac_prog", so it can be a program name with args.
72307230 set dummy $ac_prog; ac_word=$2