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386386 .. _plugin:
388 Built In Collectors
389 ====================
388 Built In GC Strategies
389 ======================
391391 LLVM includes built in support for several varieties of garbage collectors.
500500 F.setGC("statepoint-example");
502502 This GC provides an example of how one might use the infrastructure provided
503 by ``gc.statepoint``.
503 by ``gc.statepoint``. This example GC is compatible with the
504 :ref:`PlaceSafepoints` and :ref:`RewriteStatepointsForGC` utility passes
505 which simplify ``gc.statepoint`` sequence insertion. If you need to build a
506 custom GC strategy around the ``gc.statepoints`` mechanisms, it is recommended
507 that you use this one as a starting point.
509 This GC strategy does not support read or write barriers. As a result, these
510 intrinsics are lowered to normal loads and stores.
512 The stack map format generated by this GC strategy can be found in the
513 :ref:`stackmap-section` using a format documented :ref:`here
514 `. This format is intended to be the standard
515 format supported by LLVM going forward.
506518 Custom GC Strategies
321321 side effects since it is just a way to extract information about work
322322 done during the actual call modeled by the ``gc.statepoint``.
324 .. _statepoint-stackmap-format:
325326 Stack Map Format
326327 ================