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381381 It was fairly broken and was removed.
384 Garbage Collection
385 ------------------
386 A new experimental mechanism for describing a garbage collection safepoint was
387 added to LLVM. The new mechanism was not complete at the point this release
388 was branched so it is recommended that anyone interested in using this
389 mechanism track the ongoing development work on tip of tree. The hope is that
390 these intrinsics will be ready for general use by 3.7. Documentation can be
391 found `here `_.
393 The existing gc.root implementation is still supported and as fully featured
394 as it ever was. However, two features from GCStrategy will likely be removed
395 in the 3.7 release (performCustomLowering and findCustomSafePoints). If you
396 have a use case for either, please mention it on llvm-dev so that it can be
397 considered for future development.
399 We are expecting to migrate away from gc.root in the 3.8 time frame,
400 but both mechanism will be supported in 3.7.
385403 Changes to the ARM Backend
386404 --------------------------