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590590 DW_TAG_union_type = 23
591591 DW_TAG_vector_type = 259
592592 DW_TAG_subroutine_type = 46
593 DW_TAG_inheritance = 26

The vector flag indicates that an array type is a native packed vector.

609610 href="#format_basic_type">basic, derived
610611 or composite type descriptors, each
611612 representing a field member of the structure or union.


For C++ classes (tag = DW_TAG_structure_type), member descriptors

615 provide information about base classes, static members and member functions. If
616 a member is a derived type descriptor and has
617 a tag of DW_TAG_inheritance, then the type represents a base class. If
618 the member of is a global variable
619 descriptor then it represents a static member. And, if the member is a
620 href="#format_subprograms">subprogram descriptor then it represents a member
621 function. For static members and member functions, getName() returns
622 the members link or the C++ mangled name. getDisplayName() the
623 simplied version of the name.


The first member of subroutine (tag = DW_TAG_subroutine_type)

614626 type elements is the return type for the subroutine. The remaining