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715715 Full Code Listing
716716 =================
718 Here is the complete code listing for this and the previous chapter.
719 Note that it is fully self-contained: you don't need LLVM or any
720 external libraries at all for this. (Besides the C and C++ standard
721 libraries, of course.) To build this, just compile with:
718 Here is the complete code listing for our running example. Because this
719 uses the LLVM libraries, we need to link them in. To do this, we use the
720 `llvm-config `_ tool to inform
721 our makefile/command line about which options to use:
723723 .. code-block:: bash
725725 # Compile
726 clang++ -g -O3 toy.cpp
726 clang++ -g -O3 toy.cpp `llvm-config --cxxflags`
727727 # Run
728728 ./a.out