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7070 * LLVM received a backend for the extended Berkely Packet Filter
7171 instruction set that can be dynamically loaded into the Linux kernel via the
7272 `bpf(2) `_ syscall.
74 Support for BPF has been present in the kernel for some time, but starting
75 from 3.18 has been extended with such features as: 64-bit registers, 8
76 additional registers registers, conditional backwards jumps, call
77 instruction, shift instructions, map (hash table, array, etc.), 1-8 byte
78 load/store from stack, and more.
80 Up until now, users of BPF had to write bytecode by hand, or use
81 custom generators. This release adds a proper LLVM backend target for the BPF
82 bytecode architecture.
84 The BPF target is now available by default, and options exist in both Clang
85 (-target bpf) or llc (-march=bpf) to pick eBPF as a backend.
7487 * Switch-case lowering was rewritten to avoid generating unbalanced search trees
7588 (`PR22262 `_) and to exploit profile information