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When a program is being debugged, a debugger interacts with the user and

130130 turns the stored debug information into source-language specific information.
131131 As such, a debugger must be aware of the source-language, and is thus tied to
132 a specific language of family of languages.

132 a specific language or family of languages.


The role of debug information is to provide meta information normally

143143 stripped away during the compilation process. This meta information provides an
144 llvm user a relationship between generated code and the original program source
144 LLVM user a relationship between generated code and the original program source
145145 code.


Currently, debug information is consumed by the DwarfWriter to produce dwarf

174174 have been run, and without any modification to the optimizations themselves.
175175 However, some optimizations may impact the ability to modify the current state
176176 of the program with a debugger, such as setting program variables, or calling
177 function that have been deleted.
177 functions that have been deleted.
  • LLVM optimizations gracefully interact with debugging information. If they
  • 180180 are not aware of debug information, they are automatically disabled as necessary
    181181 in the cases that would invalidate the debug info. This retains the LLVM
    182 features making it easy to write new transformations.
    182 features, making it easy to write new transformations.
  • As desired, LLVM optimizations can be upgraded to be aware of the LLVM
  • 185185 debugging information, allowing them to update the debugging information as they