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190190 loads them in to the compiler backend as runtime libraries to avoid
191191 per-target recompilation of larger parts of the compiler chain.
193 Just-in-time Adaptive Decoder Engine (Jade)
194 -------------------------------------------
196 `Jade `_ (Just-in-time Adaptive Decoder Engine)
197 is a generic video decoder engine using LLVM for just-in-time compilation of
198 video decoder configurations. Those configurations are designed by MPEG
199 Reconfigurable Video Coding (RVC) committee. MPEG RVC standard is built on a
200 stream-based dataflow representation of decoders. It is composed of a standard
201 library of coding tools written in RVC-CAL language and a dataflow
202 configuration --- block diagram --- of a decoder.
204 Jade project is hosted as part of the Open RVC-CAL Compiler
205 (`Orcc `_) and requires it to translate the RVC-CAL standard
206 library of video coding tools into an LLVM assembly code.
194208 Additional Information
195209 ======================