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6565 On all LLVM back-ends, the ``llvm-tblgen`` binary will be executed on the root
6666 TableGen file ``.td``, which should include all others. This guarantees
6767 that all information needed is accessible, and that no duplication is needed
68 in the TbleGen files.
68 in the TableGen files.
7070 CodeEmitter
7171 -----------
9999 **Purpose**: This tablegen backend is responsible for emitting a description of the target
100100 instruction set for the code generator. (what are the differences from CodeEmitter?)
102 **Output**: C++ code with enums and structures representing the register mappings,
102 **Output**: C++ code with enums and structures representing the instruction mappings,
103103 properties, masks, etc.
105105 **Usage**: Both on ``BaseInstrInfo`` and ``MCTargetDesc`` (headers
106106 and source files) with macros defining in which they are for declaration vs.
107 initialization issues.
108109 AsmWriter
109110 ---------
146147 **Purpose**: Generate pseudo instruction lowering.
148 **Output**: Implements ``ARMAsmPrinter::emitPseudoExpansionLowering()``.
149 **Output**: Implements ``AsmPrinter::emitPseudoExpansionLowering()``.
150151 **Usage**: Included directly into ``AsmPrinter.cpp``.
159160 chained by matching styles, returning false on no match.
161162 **Usage**: Used in ISelLowering and FastIsel as function pointers to
162 implementation returned by a CC sellection function.
163 implementation returned by a CC selection function.
164165 DAGISel
165166 -------