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Immediately after the header file comment (and

212212 include guards if working on a header file), the
213 href="hl_dontinclude">minimal list of #includes required by the file should
213 href="#hl_dontinclude">minimal list of #includes required by the file should
214214 be listed. We prefer these #includes to be listed in this order:

970970 LLVM debugger. See the section on the C/C++
971971 front-end for more information. Also remember that global objects
972972 (functions, selectors, global variables, etc) must contain an
973 href="format_common_anchors">anchor to the llvm.dbg.globals
973 href="#format_common_anchors">anchor to the llvm.dbg.globals
974974 variable.

336336 (collectively known as 'records') in TableGen are the main high-level unit of
337337 information that TableGen collects. Records are defined with a def or
338338 class keyword, the record name, and an optional list of "
339 href="templateargs">template arguments". If the record has superclasses,
339 href="#templateargs">template arguments". If the record has superclasses,
340340 they are specified as a comma seperated list that starts with a colon character
341341 (":"). If value definitions or let
342342 expressions are needed for the class, they are enclosed in curly braces