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48 **CFI**
49 Call Frame Information. Used in DWARF debug info and in C++ unwind info
50 to show how the function prolog lays out the stack frame.
52 **CIE**
53 Common Information Entry. A kind of CFI used to reduce the size of FDEs.
54 The compiler creates a CIE which contains the information common across all
55 the FDEs. Each FDE then points to its CIE.
4857 **CSE**
4958 Common Subexpression Elimination. An optimization that removes common
5059 subexpression compuation. For example ``(a+b)*(a+b)`` has two subexpressions
8190 **FCA**
8291 First Class Aggregate
93 **FDE**
94 Frame Description Entry. A kind of CFI used to describe the stack frame of
95 one function.
8497 G
8598 -
120133 **LICM**
121134 Loop Invariant Code Motion
136 **LSDA**
137 Language Specific Data Area. C++ "zero cost" unwinding is built on top a
138 generic unwinding mechanism. As the unwinder walks each frame, it calls
139 a "personality" function to do language specific analysis. Each function's
140 FDE points to an optional LSDA which is passed to the personality function.
141 For C++, the LSDA contain info about the type and location of catch
142 statements in that function.
123144 **Load-VN**
124145 Load Value Numbering