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# Check merged args produce identical output to when not merged.
RUN: llvm-readelf -aeWhSrnudlVgIs %p/Inputs/trivial.obj.elf-i386 > %t.merged
RUN: llvm-readelf -a -e -W -h -S -r -n -u -d -l -V -g -I -s %p/Inputs/trivial.obj.elf-i386 > %t.not-merged
RUN: cmp %t.merged %t.not-merged
RUN: FileCheck %s --input-file %t.merged

# llvm-readobj does not support merged args, because it also supports some old
# flags (-st, -sd, etc.), and it would be confusing if only some merged args
# were supported.
RUN: not llvm-readobj -aeWhSrnudlVgIs %p/Inputs/trivial.obj.elf-i386 2>&1 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=UNKNOWN

CHECK-NOT: Unknown command line argument
UNKNOWN:   for the --section-headers option: may only occur zero or one times!