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# RUN: yaml2obj %s > %t
# RUN: llvm-objcopy -R .got.plt %t %t2

## .rela.plt is a dynamic relocation section that has a connection
## via sh_info field with its target section .got.plt.
## Here we check that if the target section is removed then dynamic
## relocation section is also removed and we do not end up with a broken
## sh_info value, for example.

# RUN: llvm-readelf --sections %t2 \
# RUN:  | FileCheck %s --implicit-check-not=".got.plt" --implicit-check-not=".rela.plt"

--- !ELF
  Class:          ELFCLASS64
  Data:           ELFDATA2LSB
  Type:           ET_DYN
  Machine:        EM_X86_64
  - Name:         .rela.plt
    Type:         SHT_RELA
    Flags:        [ SHF_ALLOC ]
    Link:         .dynsym
    Info:         .got.plt
  - Name:         .got.plt
    Type:         SHT_PROGBITS
    Flags:        [ SHF_WRITE, SHF_ALLOC ]
  - Name:          bar
    Binding:       STB_GLOBAL