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//===--------------------- PredicateExpander.h ----------------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
/// \file
/// Functionalities used by the Tablegen backends to expand machine predicates.
/// See file llvm/Target/TargetInstrPredicate.td for a full list and description
/// of all the supported MCInstPredicate classes.


#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h"
#include "llvm/TableGen/Record.h"

namespace llvm {

class raw_ostream;

class PredicateExpander {
  bool EmitCallsByRef;
  bool NegatePredicate;
  bool ExpandForMC;
  unsigned IndentLevel;
  StringRef TargetName;

  PredicateExpander(const PredicateExpander &) = delete;
  PredicateExpander &operator=(const PredicateExpander &) = delete;

  PredicateExpander(StringRef Target)
      : EmitCallsByRef(true), NegatePredicate(false), ExpandForMC(false),
        IndentLevel(1U), TargetName(Target) {}
  bool isByRef() const { return EmitCallsByRef; }
  bool shouldNegate() const { return NegatePredicate; }
  bool shouldExpandForMC() const { return ExpandForMC; }
  unsigned getIndentLevel() const { return IndentLevel; }
  StringRef getTargetName() const { return TargetName; }

  void setByRef(bool Value) { EmitCallsByRef = Value; }
  void flipNegatePredicate() { NegatePredicate = !NegatePredicate; }
  void setNegatePredicate(bool Value) { NegatePredicate = Value; }
  void setExpandForMC(bool Value) { ExpandForMC = Value; }
  void setIndentLevel(unsigned Level) { IndentLevel = Level; }
  void increaseIndentLevel() { ++IndentLevel; }
  void decreaseIndentLevel() { --IndentLevel; }

  using RecVec = std::vector<Record *>;
  void expandTrue(raw_ostream &OS);
  void expandFalse(raw_ostream &OS);
  void expandCheckImmOperand(raw_ostream &OS, int OpIndex, int ImmVal,
                             StringRef FunctionMapper);
  void expandCheckImmOperand(raw_ostream &OS, int OpIndex, StringRef ImmVal,
                             StringRef FunctionMapperer);
  void expandCheckImmOperandSimple(raw_ostream &OS, int OpIndex,
                                   StringRef FunctionMapper);
  void expandCheckRegOperand(raw_ostream &OS, int OpIndex, const Record *Reg,
                             StringRef FunctionMapper);
  void expandCheckRegOperandSimple(raw_ostream &OS, int OpIndex,
                                   StringRef FunctionMapper);
  void expandCheckSameRegOperand(raw_ostream &OS, int First, int Second);
  void expandCheckNumOperands(raw_ostream &OS, int NumOps);
  void expandCheckOpcode(raw_ostream &OS, const Record *Inst);

  void expandCheckPseudo(raw_ostream &OS, const RecVec &Opcodes);
  void expandCheckOpcode(raw_ostream &OS, const RecVec &Opcodes);
  void expandPredicateSequence(raw_ostream &OS, const RecVec &Sequence,
                               bool IsCheckAll);
  void expandTIIFunctionCall(raw_ostream &OS, StringRef MethodName);
  void expandCheckIsRegOperand(raw_ostream &OS, int OpIndex);
  void expandCheckIsImmOperand(raw_ostream &OS, int OpIndex);
  void expandCheckInvalidRegOperand(raw_ostream &OS, int OpIndex);
  void expandCheckFunctionPredicate(raw_ostream &OS, StringRef MCInstFn,
                                    StringRef MachineInstrFn);
  void expandCheckNonPortable(raw_ostream &OS, StringRef CodeBlock);
  void expandPredicate(raw_ostream &OS, const Record *Rec);
  void expandReturnStatement(raw_ostream &OS, const Record *Rec);
  void expandOpcodeSwitchCase(raw_ostream &OS, const Record *Rec);
  void expandOpcodeSwitchStatement(raw_ostream &OS, const RecVec &Cases,
                                   const Record *Default);
  void expandStatement(raw_ostream &OS, const Record *Rec);

// Forward declarations.
class STIPredicateFunction;
class OpcodeGroup;

class STIPredicateExpander : public PredicateExpander {
  StringRef ClassPrefix;
  bool ExpandDefinition;

  STIPredicateExpander(const PredicateExpander &) = delete;
  STIPredicateExpander &operator=(const PredicateExpander &) = delete;

  void expandHeader(raw_ostream &OS, const STIPredicateFunction &Fn);
  void expandPrologue(raw_ostream &OS, const STIPredicateFunction &Fn);
  void expandOpcodeGroup(raw_ostream &OS, const OpcodeGroup &Group,
                         bool ShouldUpdateOpcodeMask);
  void expandBody(raw_ostream &OS, const STIPredicateFunction &Fn);
  void expandEpilogue(raw_ostream &OS, const STIPredicateFunction &Fn);

  STIPredicateExpander(StringRef Target)
      : PredicateExpander(Target), ClassPrefix(), ExpandDefinition(false) {}

  bool shouldExpandDefinition() const { return ExpandDefinition; }
  StringRef getClassPrefix() const { return ClassPrefix; }
  void setClassPrefix(StringRef S) { ClassPrefix = S; }
  void setExpandDefinition(bool Value) { ExpandDefinition = Value; }

  void expandSTIPredicate(raw_ostream &OS, const STIPredicateFunction &Fn);

} // namespace llvm