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This file is a list of the people responsible for ensuring that targets and
environments get tested and validated during the release process.

They will also, in conjunction with the release manager and the code owners,
accept patches into stable release branches, tag critical bugs and release
stoppers as well as make sure that no regressions were observed on their
targets since the last release.

N: Ben Pope
E: benpope81@gmail.com
T: x86
O: Ubuntu

N: Sylvestre Ledru
E: sylvestre@debian.org
T: All supported archs Debian/Ubuntu
O: Debian/Ubuntu packages

N: Nikola Smiljanic
E: popizdeh@gmail.com
T: x86
O: OpenSUSE, Fedora

N: Brian Cain
E: brian.cain@gmail.com
T: x86
O: SuSE Enterprise, CentOS

N: Bernhard Rosenkränzer
E: bero@linaro.org
T: x86
O: OpenMandriva

N: Dimitry Andric
E: dimitry@andric.com
T: x86
O: FreeBSD

N: Hans Wennborg
E: hans@chromium.org
T: x86
O: Windows

N: Diana Picus, Yvan Roux
E: diana.picus@linaro.org, yvan.roux@linaro.org
T: ARM, AArch64
O: Linux