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# This test makes sure that sections added at the end that don't have symbols
# defined in them don't trigger the creation of a large index table.

RUN: %python %p/Inputs/ungzip.py %p/Inputs/many-sections.o.gz > %t.0
RUN: cat %p/Inputs/alloc-symtab.o > %t
RUN: llvm-objcopy -R .text -R s0 -R s1 -R s2 -R s3 -R s4 -R s5 -R s6 %t.0 %t2
RUN: llvm-objcopy --add-section=.s0=%t --add-section=.s1=%t --add-section=.s2=%t %t2 %t2
RUN: llvm-readobj --sections %t2 | FileCheck --check-prefix=SECS %s

SECS-NOT: Name: .symtab_shndx