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# This test generates all variants of load/store instructions and verifies that
# LLVM generates correct PTX for them.

# RUN: python %s > %t.ll
# RUN: llc < %t.ll -march=nvptx64 -mcpu=sm_30 | FileCheck -check-prefixes=CHECK,CHECK_P64 %t.ll
# RUN: llc < %t.ll -march=nvptx -mcpu=sm_30 | FileCheck -check-prefixes=CHECK,CHECK_P32 %t.ll

from __future__ import print_function

from itertools import product
from string import Template

llvm_type_to_ptx_type = {
    "i8": "u8",
    "i16": "u16",
    "i32": "u32",
    "i64": "u64",
    "half": "b16",
    "<2 x half>": "b32",
    "float": "f32",
    "double": "f64"

llvm_type_to_ptx_reg = {
    "i8": "r",
    "i16": "r",
    "i32": "r",
    "i64": "rd",
    "half": "h",
    "<2 x half>": "hh",
    "float": "f",
    "double": "fd"

addrspace_id = {
    "": 0,
    ".global": 1,
    ".shared": 3,
    ".const": 4,
    ".local": 5,
    ".param": 101

def gen_load_tests():
  load_template = """
define ${type} @ld${_volatile}${_space}.${ptx_type}(${type} addrspace(${asid})* %ptr) {
; CHECK_P32: ld${_volatile}${_volatile_as}.${ptx_type} %${ptx_reg}{{[0-9]+}}, [%r{{[0-9]+}}]
; CHECK_P64: ld${_volatile}${_volatile_as}.${ptx_type} %${ptx_reg}{{[0-9]+}}, [%rd{{[0-9]+}}]
; CHECK: ret
  %p = ${generic_ptr}
  %a = load ${volatile} ${type}, ${type}* %p
  ret ${type} %a
  for op_type, volatile, space in product(
      ["i8", "i16", "i32", "i64", "half", "float", "double", "<2 x half>"],
      [True, False],  # volatile
      ["", ".shared", ".global", ".const", ".local", ".param"]):

    # Volatile is only supported for global, shared and generic.
    if volatile and not space in ["", ".global", ".shared"]:

    # Volatile is only supported for global, shared and generic.
    # All other volatile accesses are done in generic AS.
    if volatile and not space in ["", ".global", ".shared"]:
      volatile_as = ""
      volatile_as = space

    params = {
        "type": op_type,
        "volatile": "volatile" if volatile else "",
        "_volatile": ".volatile" if volatile else "",
        "_volatile_as": volatile_as,
        "_space": space,
        "ptx_reg": llvm_type_to_ptx_reg[op_type],
        "ptx_type": llvm_type_to_ptx_type[op_type],
        "asid": addrspace_id[space],

    # LLVM does not accept "addrspacecast Type* addrspace(0) to Type*", so we
    # need to avoid it for generic pointer tests.
    if space:
      generic_ptr_template = ("addrspacecast ${type} addrspace(${asid})* %ptr "
                              "to ${type}*")
      generic_ptr_template = "select i1 true, ${type}* %ptr, ${type}* %ptr"
    params["generic_ptr"] = Template(generic_ptr_template).substitute(params)


def main():