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The PDB Info Stream (aka the PDB Stream)

Stream Header

At offset 0 of the PDB Stream is a header with the following layout:

struct PdbStreamHeader {
  ulittle32_t Version;
  ulittle32_t Signature;
  ulittle32_t Age;
  Guid UniqueId;
  • Version - A Value from the following enum:
enum class PdbStreamVersion : uint32_t {
  VC2 = 19941610,
  VC4 = 19950623,
  VC41 = 19950814,
  VC50 = 19960307,
  VC98 = 19970604,
  VC70Dep = 19990604,
  VC70 = 20000404,
  VC80 = 20030901,
  VC110 = 20091201,
  VC140 = 20140508,

While the meaning of this field appears to be obvious, in practice we have never observed a value other than VC70, even with modern versions of the toolchain, and it is unclear why the other values exist. It is assumed that certain aspects of the PDB stream's layout, and perhaps even that of the other streams, will change if the value is something other than VC70.

  • Signature - A 32-bit time-stamp generated with a call to time() at the time the PDB file is written. Note that due to the inherent uniqueness problems of using a timestamp with 1-second granularity, this field does not really serve its intended purpose, and as such is typically ignored in favor of the Guid field, described below.
  • Age - The number of times the PDB file has been written. This can be used along with Guid to match the PDB to its corresponding executable.
  • Guid - A 128-bit identifier guaranteed to be unique across space and time. In general, this can be thought of as the result of calling the Win32 API UuidCreate, although LLVM cannot rely on that, as it must work on non-Windows platforms.

Matching a PDB to its executable

The linker is responsible for writing both the PDB and the final executable, and as a result is the only entity capable of writing the information necessary to match the PDB to the executable.

In order to accomplish this, the linker generates a guid for the PDB (or re-uses the existing guid if it is linking incrementally) and increments the Age field.

The executable is a PE/COFF file, and part of a PE/COFF file is the presence of number of "directories". For our purposes here, we are interested in the "debug directory". The exact format of a debug directory is described by the IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY structure. For this particular case, the linker emits a debug directory of type IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_CODEVIEW. The format of this record is defined in llvm/DebugInfo/CodeView/CVDebugRecord.h, but it suffices to say here only that it includes the same Guid and Age fields. At runtime, a debugger or tool can scan the COFF executable image for the presence of a debug directory of the correct type and verify that the Guid and Age match.