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//===- ProfileSummary.h - Profile summary data structure. -------*- C++ -*-===//
//                     The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines the profile summary data structure.


#include <algorithm>
#include <cstdint>
#include <vector>

namespace llvm {

class LLVMContext;
class Metadata;

// The profile summary is one or more (Cutoff, MinCount, NumCounts) triplets.
// The semantics of counts depend on the type of profile. For instrumentation
// profile, counts are block counts and for sample profile, counts are
// per-line samples. Given a target counts percentile, we compute the minimum
// number of counts needed to reach this target and the minimum among these
// counts.
struct ProfileSummaryEntry {
  uint32_t Cutoff;    ///< The required percentile of counts.
  uint64_t MinCount;  ///< The minimum count for this percentile.
  uint64_t NumCounts; ///< Number of counts >= the minimum count.

  ProfileSummaryEntry(uint32_t TheCutoff, uint64_t TheMinCount,
                      uint64_t TheNumCounts)
      : Cutoff(TheCutoff), MinCount(TheMinCount), NumCounts(TheNumCounts) {}

using SummaryEntryVector = std::vector<ProfileSummaryEntry>;

class ProfileSummary {
  enum Kind { PSK_Instr, PSK_Sample };

  const Kind PSK;
  static const char *KindStr[2];
  SummaryEntryVector DetailedSummary;
  uint64_t TotalCount, MaxCount, MaxInternalCount, MaxFunctionCount;
  uint32_t NumCounts, NumFunctions;
  /// \brief Return detailed summary as metadata.
  Metadata *getDetailedSummaryMD(LLVMContext &Context);

  static const int Scale = 1000000;

  ProfileSummary(Kind K, SummaryEntryVector DetailedSummary,
                 uint64_t TotalCount, uint64_t MaxCount,
                 uint64_t MaxInternalCount, uint64_t MaxFunctionCount,
                 uint32_t NumCounts, uint32_t NumFunctions)
      : PSK(K), DetailedSummary(std::move(DetailedSummary)),
        TotalCount(TotalCount), MaxCount(MaxCount),
        MaxInternalCount(MaxInternalCount), MaxFunctionCount(MaxFunctionCount),
        NumCounts(NumCounts), NumFunctions(NumFunctions) {}

  Kind getKind() const { return PSK; }
  /// \brief Return summary information as metadata.
  Metadata *getMD(LLVMContext &Context);
  /// \brief Construct profile summary from metdata.
  static ProfileSummary *getFromMD(Metadata *MD);
  SummaryEntryVector &getDetailedSummary() { return DetailedSummary; }
  uint32_t getNumFunctions() { return NumFunctions; }
  uint64_t getMaxFunctionCount() { return MaxFunctionCount; }
  uint32_t getNumCounts() { return NumCounts; }
  uint64_t getTotalCount() { return TotalCount; }
  uint64_t getMaxCount() { return MaxCount; }
  uint64_t getMaxInternalCount() { return MaxInternalCount; }

} // end namespace llvm