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# RUN: llc -march=amdgcn -verify-machineinstrs -run-pass post-RA-sched  %s -o - | FileCheck %s

# This tests a situation where a sub-register of a killed super-register operand
# of V_MOVRELS happens to have an undef use later on. This leads to the post RA
# scheduler adding additional implicit operands to the V_MOVRELS, which used
# to fail machine instruction verification.

--- |

  define amdgpu_vs void @main(i32 %arg) { ret void }

# CHECK-LABEL: name: main
# CHECK-LABEL: bb.0:
# CHECK: V_MAC_F32_e32

name:            main
tracksRegLiveness: true
body:             |
    %m0 = S_MOV_B32 undef %sgpr0
    V_MOVRELD_B32_e32 undef %vgpr2, 0, implicit %m0, implicit %exec, implicit-def %vgpr1_vgpr2_vgpr3_vgpr4_vgpr5_vgpr6_vgpr7_vgpr8, implicit undef %vgpr1_vgpr2_vgpr3_vgpr4_vgpr5_vgpr6_vgpr7_vgpr8(tied-def 4)
    %m0 = S_MOV_B32 undef %sgpr0
    %vgpr1 = V_MOVRELS_B32_e32 undef %vgpr1, implicit %m0, implicit %exec, implicit killed %vgpr1_vgpr2_vgpr3_vgpr4_vgpr5_vgpr6_vgpr7_vgpr8
    %vgpr4 = V_MAC_F32_e32 undef %vgpr0, undef %vgpr0, undef %vgpr4, implicit %exec
    EXP_DONE 15, undef %vgpr0, killed %vgpr1, killed %vgpr4, undef %vgpr0, 0, 0, 12, implicit %exec