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//===- llvm/PassInfo.h - Pass Info class ------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
//                     The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines and implements the PassInfo class.

#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"

#include <cassert>
#include <vector>

namespace llvm {

class Pass;
class TargetMachine;

/// PassInfo class - An instance of this class exists for every pass known by
/// the system, and can be obtained from a live Pass by calling its
/// getPassInfo() method.  These objects are set up by the RegisterPass<>
/// template.
class PassInfo {
  typedef Pass* (*NormalCtor_t)();

  StringRef PassName;     // Nice name for Pass
  StringRef PassArgument; // Command Line argument to run this pass
  const void *PassID;
  const bool IsCFGOnlyPass;              // Pass only looks at the CFG.
  const bool IsAnalysis;                 // True if an analysis pass.
  const bool IsAnalysisGroup;            // True if an analysis group.
  std::vector<const PassInfo *> ItfImpl; // Interfaces implemented by this pass

  NormalCtor_t NormalCtor;

  /// PassInfo ctor - Do not call this directly, this should only be invoked
  /// through RegisterPass.
  PassInfo(StringRef name, StringRef arg, const void *pi, NormalCtor_t normal,
           bool isCFGOnly, bool is_analysis)
      : PassName(name), PassArgument(arg), PassID(pi), IsCFGOnlyPass(isCFGOnly),
        IsAnalysis(is_analysis), IsAnalysisGroup(false), NormalCtor(normal) {}
  /// PassInfo ctor - Do not call this directly, this should only be invoked
  /// through RegisterPass. This version is for use by analysis groups; it
  /// does not auto-register the pass.
  PassInfo(StringRef name, const void *pi)
      : PassName(name), PassArgument(""), PassID(pi), IsCFGOnlyPass(false),
        IsAnalysis(false), IsAnalysisGroup(true), NormalCtor(nullptr) {}

  /// getPassName - Return the friendly name for the pass, never returns null
  StringRef getPassName() const { return PassName; }

  /// getPassArgument - Return the command line option that may be passed to
  /// 'opt' that will cause this pass to be run.  This will return null if there
  /// is no argument.
  StringRef getPassArgument() const { return PassArgument; }

  /// getTypeInfo - Return the id object for the pass...
  /// TODO : Rename
  const void *getTypeInfo() const { return PassID; }

  /// Return true if this PassID implements the specified ID pointer.
  bool isPassID(const void *IDPtr) const { return PassID == IDPtr; }

  /// isAnalysisGroup - Return true if this is an analysis group, not a normal
  /// pass.
  bool isAnalysisGroup() const { return IsAnalysisGroup; }
  bool isAnalysis() const { return IsAnalysis; }

  /// isCFGOnlyPass - return true if this pass only looks at the CFG for the
  /// function.
  bool isCFGOnlyPass() const { return IsCFGOnlyPass; }

  /// getNormalCtor - Return a pointer to a function, that when called, creates
  /// an instance of the pass and returns it.  This pointer may be null if there
  /// is no default constructor for the pass.
  NormalCtor_t getNormalCtor() const {
    return NormalCtor;
  void setNormalCtor(NormalCtor_t Ctor) {
    NormalCtor = Ctor;

  /// createPass() - Use this method to create an instance of this pass.
  Pass *createPass() const {
    assert((!isAnalysisGroup() || NormalCtor) &&
           "No default implementation found for analysis group!");
    assert(NormalCtor &&
           "Cannot call createPass on PassInfo without default ctor!");
    return NormalCtor();

  /// addInterfaceImplemented - This method is called when this pass is
  /// registered as a member of an analysis group with the RegisterAnalysisGroup
  /// template.
  void addInterfaceImplemented(const PassInfo *ItfPI) {

  /// getInterfacesImplemented - Return a list of all of the analysis group
  /// interfaces implemented by this pass.
  const std::vector<const PassInfo*> &getInterfacesImplemented() const {
    return ItfImpl;

  void operator=(const PassInfo &) = delete;
  PassInfo(const PassInfo &) = delete;