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@ RUN: not llvm-mc -triple armv7a--none-eabi -filetype obj < %s -o /dev/null 2>&1 | FileCheck %s

@ Note: These errors are not always emitted in the order in which the relevant
@ source appears, this file is carefully ordered so that that is the case.

@ CHECK: :[[@LINE+1]]:{{[0-9]+}}: error: symbol 'undef' can not be undefined in a subtraction expression
  .word (0-undef)

@ CHECK: :[[@LINE+1]]:{{[0-9]+}}: error: expected relocatable expression
  .word -undef

@ CHECK: :[[@LINE+1]]:{{[0-9]+}}: error: No relocation available to represent this relative expression
  adr r0, #a-undef

@ CHECK: :[[@LINE+1]]:{{[0-9]+}}: error: Cannot represent a difference across sections
  .word x_a - y_a

@ CHECK: :[[@LINE+1]]:{{[0-9]+}}: error: Cannot represent a subtraction with a weak symbol
  .word a - w

@ CHECK: <unknown>:0: error: expression could not be evaluated
  .set v1, -undef

  .comm common, 4
@ CHECK: <unknown>:0: error: Common symbol 'common' cannot be used in assignment expr
  .set v3, common

@ CHECK: <unknown>:0: error: Undefined temporary symbol
  .word 5f

@ CHECK: <unknown>:0: error: symbol 'undef' could not be evaluated in a subtraction expression
  .set v2, a-undef

  .word 0
  .weak w

  .section sec_x
  .word 0

  .section sec_y
  .word 0