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//===-- AMDGPU.td - AMDGPU Tablegen files ------------------*- tablegen -*-===//
//                     The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.

include "llvm/Target/Target.td"

// Subtarget Features

// Debugging Features

def FeatureDumpCode : SubtargetFeature <"DumpCode",
        "Dump MachineInstrs in the CodeEmitter">;

def FeatureDumpCodeLower : SubtargetFeature <"dumpcode",
        "Dump MachineInstrs in the CodeEmitter">;

def FeatureIRStructurizer : SubtargetFeature <"disable-irstructurizer",
        "Disable IR Structurizer">;

def FeaturePromoteAlloca : SubtargetFeature <"promote-alloca",
        "Enable promote alloca pass">;

// Target features

def FeatureIfCvt : SubtargetFeature <"disable-ifcvt",
        "Disable the if conversion pass">;

def FeatureFP64 : SubtargetFeature<"fp64",
        "Enable double precision operations">;

def FeatureFP64Denormals : SubtargetFeature<"fp64-denormals",
        "Enable double precision denormal handling",

def FeatureFastFMAF32 : SubtargetFeature<"fast-fmaf",
        "Assuming f32 fma is at least as fast as mul + add",

// Some instructions do not support denormals despite this flag. Using
// fp32 denormals also causes instructions to run at the double
// precision rate for the device.
def FeatureFP32Denormals : SubtargetFeature<"fp32-denormals",
        "Enable single precision denormal handling">;

def FeatureR600ALUInst : SubtargetFeature<"R600ALUInst",
        "Older version of ALU instructions encoding">;

def FeatureVertexCache : SubtargetFeature<"HasVertexCache",
        "Specify use of dedicated vertex cache">;

def FeatureCaymanISA : SubtargetFeature<"caymanISA",
        "Use Cayman ISA">;

def FeatureCFALUBug : SubtargetFeature<"cfalubug",
        "GPU has CF_ALU bug">;

// XXX - This should probably be removed once enabled by default
def FeatureEnableLoadStoreOpt : SubtargetFeature <"load-store-opt",
        "Enable SI load/store optimizer pass">;

// Performance debugging feature. Allow using DS instruction immediate
// offsets even if the base pointer can't be proven to be base. On SI,
// base pointer values that won't give the same result as a 16-bit add
// are not safe to fold, but this will override the conservative test
// for the base pointer.
def FeatureEnableUnsafeDSOffsetFolding : SubtargetFeature <"unsafe-ds-offset-folding",
        "Force using DS instruction immediate offsets on SI">;

def FeatureFlatForGlobal : SubtargetFeature<"flat-for-global",
        "Force to generate flat instruction for global">;

def FeatureFlatAddressSpace : SubtargetFeature<"flat-address-space",
        "Support flat address space">;

def FeatureXNACK : SubtargetFeature<"xnack",
        "Enable XNACK support">;

def FeatureVGPRSpilling : SubtargetFeature<"vgpr-spilling",
        "Enable spilling of VGPRs to scratch memory">;

def FeatureSGPRInitBug : SubtargetFeature<"sgpr-init-bug",
        "VI SGPR initilization bug requiring a fixed SGPR allocation size">;

def FeatureEnableHugeScratchBuffer : SubtargetFeature<"huge-scratch-buffer",
        "Enable scratch buffer sizes greater than 128 GB">;

def FeatureEnableSIScheduler : SubtargetFeature<"si-scheduler",
        "Enable SI Machine Scheduler">;

class SubtargetFeatureFetchLimit <string Value> :
                          SubtargetFeature <"fetch"#Value,
        "Limit the maximum number of fetches in a clause to "#Value>;

def FeatureFetchLimit8 : SubtargetFeatureFetchLimit <"8">;
def FeatureFetchLimit16 : SubtargetFeatureFetchLimit <"16">;

class SubtargetFeatureWavefrontSize <int Value> : SubtargetFeature<
        "The number of threads per wavefront">;

def FeatureWavefrontSize16 : SubtargetFeatureWavefrontSize<16>;
def FeatureWavefrontSize32 : SubtargetFeatureWavefrontSize<32>;
def FeatureWavefrontSize64 : SubtargetFeatureWavefrontSize<64>;

class SubtargetFeatureLDSBankCount <int Value> : SubtargetFeature <
      "The number of LDS banks per compute unit.">;

def FeatureLDSBankCount16 : SubtargetFeatureLDSBankCount<16>;
def FeatureLDSBankCount32 : SubtargetFeatureLDSBankCount<32>;

class SubtargetFeatureISAVersion <int Major, int Minor, int Stepping>
                                 : SubtargetFeature <
      "Instruction set version number"

def FeatureISAVersion7_0_0 : SubtargetFeatureISAVersion <7,0,0>;
def FeatureISAVersion7_0_1 : SubtargetFeatureISAVersion <7,0,1>;
def FeatureISAVersion8_0_0 : SubtargetFeatureISAVersion <8,0,0>;
def FeatureISAVersion8_0_1 : SubtargetFeatureISAVersion <8,0,1>;
def FeatureISAVersion8_0_3 : SubtargetFeatureISAVersion <8,0,3>;

class SubtargetFeatureLocalMemorySize <int Value> : SubtargetFeature<
        "The size of local memory in bytes">;

def FeatureGCN : SubtargetFeature<"gcn",
        "GCN or newer GPU">;

def FeatureGCN1Encoding : SubtargetFeature<"gcn1-encoding",
        "Encoding format for SI and CI">;

def FeatureGCN3Encoding : SubtargetFeature<"gcn3-encoding",
        "Encoding format for VI">;

def FeatureCIInsts : SubtargetFeature<"ci-insts",
        "Additional intstructions for CI+">;

class FeatureMaxPrivateElementSize<int size> : SubtargetFeature<
  "Maximum private access size may be "#size

def FeatureMaxPrivateElementSize4 : FeatureMaxPrivateElementSize<4>;
def FeatureMaxPrivateElementSize8 : FeatureMaxPrivateElementSize<8>;
def FeatureMaxPrivateElementSize16 : FeatureMaxPrivateElementSize<16>;

// Dummy feature used to disable assembler instructions.
def FeatureDisable : SubtargetFeature<"",
                                      "Dummy feature to disable assembler"
                                      " instructions">;

class SubtargetFeatureGeneration <string Value,
                                  list<SubtargetFeature> Implies> :
        SubtargetFeature <Value, "Gen", "AMDGPUSubtarget::"#Value,
                          Value#" GPU generation", Implies>;

def FeatureLocalMemorySize0 : SubtargetFeatureLocalMemorySize<0>;
def FeatureLocalMemorySize32768 : SubtargetFeatureLocalMemorySize<32768>;
def FeatureLocalMemorySize65536 : SubtargetFeatureLocalMemorySize<65536>;

def FeatureR600 : SubtargetFeatureGeneration<"R600",
        [FeatureR600ALUInst, FeatureFetchLimit8, FeatureLocalMemorySize0]>;

def FeatureR700 : SubtargetFeatureGeneration<"R700",
        [FeatureFetchLimit16, FeatureLocalMemorySize0]>;

def FeatureEvergreen : SubtargetFeatureGeneration<"EVERGREEN",
        [FeatureFetchLimit16, FeatureLocalMemorySize32768]>;

def FeatureNorthernIslands : SubtargetFeatureGeneration<"NORTHERN_ISLANDS",
        [FeatureFetchLimit16, FeatureWavefrontSize64,

def FeatureSouthernIslands : SubtargetFeatureGeneration<"SOUTHERN_ISLANDS",
        [FeatureFP64, FeatureLocalMemorySize32768,
         FeatureWavefrontSize64, FeatureGCN, FeatureGCN1Encoding,

def FeatureSeaIslands : SubtargetFeatureGeneration<"SEA_ISLANDS",
        [FeatureFP64, FeatureLocalMemorySize65536,
         FeatureWavefrontSize64, FeatureGCN, FeatureFlatAddressSpace,
         FeatureGCN1Encoding, FeatureCIInsts]>;

def FeatureVolcanicIslands : SubtargetFeatureGeneration<"VOLCANIC_ISLANDS",
        [FeatureFP64, FeatureLocalMemorySize65536,
         FeatureWavefrontSize64, FeatureFlatAddressSpace, FeatureGCN,
         FeatureGCN3Encoding, FeatureCIInsts]>;


def AMDGPUInstrInfo : InstrInfo {
  let guessInstructionProperties = 1;
  let noNamedPositionallyEncodedOperands = 1;

def AMDGPUAsmParser : AsmParser {
  // Some of the R600 registers have the same name, so this crashes.
  // For example T0_XYZW and T0_XY both have the asm name T0.
  let ShouldEmitMatchRegisterName = 0;

def AMDGPU : Target {
  // Pull in Instruction Info:
  let InstructionSet = AMDGPUInstrInfo;
  let AssemblyParsers = [AMDGPUAsmParser];

// Dummy Instruction itineraries for pseudo instructions
def ALU_NULL : FuncUnit;
def NullALU : InstrItinClass;

// Predicate helper class

def TruePredicate : Predicate<"true">;
def isSICI : Predicate<
  "Subtarget->getGeneration() == AMDGPUSubtarget::SOUTHERN_ISLANDS ||"
  "Subtarget->getGeneration() == AMDGPUSubtarget::SEA_ISLANDS"
>, AssemblerPredicate<"FeatureGCN1Encoding">;

def isVI : Predicate <
  "Subtarget->getGeneration() >= AMDGPUSubtarget::VOLCANIC_ISLANDS">,

class PredicateControl {
  Predicate SubtargetPredicate;
  Predicate SIAssemblerPredicate = isSICI;
  Predicate VIAssemblerPredicate = isVI;
  list<Predicate> AssemblerPredicates = [];
  Predicate AssemblerPredicate = TruePredicate;
  list<Predicate> OtherPredicates = [];
  list<Predicate> Predicates = !listconcat([SubtargetPredicate, AssemblerPredicate],

// Include AMDGPU TD files
include "R600Schedule.td"
include "SISchedule.td"
include "Processors.td"
include "AMDGPUInstrInfo.td"
include "AMDGPUIntrinsics.td"
include "AMDGPURegisterInfo.td"
include "AMDGPUInstructions.td"
include "AMDGPUCallingConv.td"