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opt - LLVM optimizer


:program:`opt` [options] [filename]


The :program:`opt` command is the modular LLVM optimizer and analyzer. It takes LLVM source files as input, runs the specified optimizations or analyses on it, and then outputs the optimized file or the analysis results. The function of :program:`opt` depends on whether the :option:`-analyze` option is given.

When :option:`-analyze` is specified, :program:`opt` performs various analyses of the input source. It will usually print the results on standard output, but in a few cases, it will print output to standard error or generate a file with the analysis output, which is usually done when the output is meant for another program.

While :option:`-analyze` is not given, :program:`opt` attempts to produce an optimized output file. The optimizations available via :program:`opt` depend upon what libraries were linked into it as well as any additional libraries that have been loaded with the :option:`-load` option. Use the :option:`-help` option to determine what optimizations you can use.

If filename is omitted from the command line or is "-", :program:`opt` reads its input from standard input. Inputs can be in either the LLVM assembly language format (.ll) or the LLVM bitcode format (.bc).

If an output filename is not specified with the :option:`-o` option, :program:`opt` writes its output to the standard output.



If :program:`opt` succeeds, it will exit with 0. Otherwise, if an error occurs, it will exit with a non-zero value.