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# Checks C++ files to make sure they conform to LLVM standards, as specified in
# http://llvm.org/docs/CodingStandards.html .
# TODO: add unittests for the verifier functions:
# http://docs.python.org/library/unittest.html .

import common_lint
import re
import sys

def VerifyIncludes(filename, lines):
  """Makes sure the #includes are in proper order and no disallows files are

    filename: the file under consideration as string
    lines: contents of the file as string array
  lint = []

  include_gtest_re = re.compile(r'^#include "gtest/(.*)"')
  include_llvm_re = re.compile(r'^#include "llvm/(.*)"')
  include_support_re = re.compile(r'^#include "(Support/.*)"')
  include_config_re = re.compile(r'^#include "(Config/.*)"')
  include_system_re = re.compile(r'^#include <(.*)>')


  line_num = 1
  prev_config_header = None
  prev_system_header = None
  for line in lines:
    # TODO: implement private headers
    # TODO: implement gtest headers
    # TODO: implement top-level llvm/* headers
    # TODO: implement llvm/Support/* headers

    # Process Config/* headers
    config_header = include_config_re.match(line)
    if config_header:
      curr_config_header = config_header.group(1)
      if prev_config_header:
        if prev_config_header > curr_config_header:
          lint.append((filename, line_num,
                       'Config headers not in order: "%s" before "%s"' % (
                         prev_config_header, curr_config_header)))

    # Process system headers
    system_header = include_system_re.match(line)
    if system_header:
      curr_system_header = system_header.group(1)

      # Is it blacklisted?
      if curr_system_header in DISALLOWED_SYSTEM_HEADERS:
        lint.append((filename, line_num,
                     'Disallowed system header: <%s>' % curr_system_header))
      elif prev_system_header:
        # Make sure system headers are alphabetized amongst themselves
        if prev_system_header > curr_system_header:
          lint.append((filename, line_num,
                       'System headers not in order: <%s> before <%s>' % (
                         prev_system_header, curr_system_header)))

      prev_system_header = curr_system_header

    line_num += 1

  return lint

class CppLint(common_lint.BaseLint):

  def RunOnFile(self, filename, lines):
    lint = []
    lint.extend(VerifyIncludes(filename, lines))
    lint.extend(common_lint.VerifyLineLength(filename, lines,
    lint.extend(common_lint.VerifyTabs(filename, lines))
    lint.extend(common_lint.VerifyTrailingWhitespace(filename, lines))
    return lint

def CppLintMain(filenames):
  all_lint = common_lint.RunLintOverAllFiles(CppLint(), filenames)
  for lint in all_lint:
    print '%s:%d:%s' % (lint[0], lint[1], lint[2])
  return 0

if __name__ == '__main__':