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//===-- llvm/CodeGen/MachineModuleInfo.h ------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
//                     The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Collect meta information for a module.  This information should be in a
// neutral form that can be used by different debugging and exception handling
// schemes.
// The organization of information is primarily clustered around the source
// compile units.  The main exception is source line correspondence where
// inlining may interleave code from various compile units.
// The following information can be retrieved from the MachineModuleInfo.
//  -- Source directories - Directories are uniqued based on their canonical
//     string and assigned a sequential numeric ID (base 1.)
//  -- Source files - Files are also uniqued based on their name and directory
//     ID.  A file ID is sequential number (base 1.)
//  -- Source line correspondence - A vector of file ID, line#, column# triples.
//     A DEBUG_LOCATION instruction is generated  by the DAG Legalizer
//     corresponding to each entry in the source line list.  This allows a debug
//     emitter to generate labels referenced by debug information tables.


#include "llvm/Support/Dwarf.h"
#include "llvm/System/DataTypes.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/DenseMap.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/UniqueVector.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallPtrSet.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallSet.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringMap.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/MachineLocation.h"
#include "llvm/GlobalValue.h"
#include "llvm/Pass.h"
#include "llvm/Metadata.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ValueHandle.h"

namespace llvm {

// Forward declarations.
class Constant;
class MCSymbol;
class MDNode;
class GlobalVariable;
class MachineBasicBlock;
class MachineFunction;
class Module;
class PointerType;
class StructType;
/// MachineModuleInfoImpl - This class can be derived from and used by targets
/// to hold private target-specific information for each Module.  Objects of
/// type are accessed/created with MMI::getInfo and destroyed when the
/// MachineModuleInfo is destroyed.
class MachineModuleInfoImpl {
  virtual ~MachineModuleInfoImpl();

  typedef std::vector<std::pair<MCSymbol*, MCSymbol*> >
    static SymbolListTy
    GetSortedStubs(const DenseMap<MCSymbol*, MCSymbol*> &Map);

/// LandingPadInfo - This structure is used to retain landing pad info for
/// the current function.
struct LandingPadInfo {
  MachineBasicBlock *LandingPadBlock;   // Landing pad block.
  SmallVector<unsigned, 1> BeginLabels; // Labels prior to invoke.
  SmallVector<unsigned, 1> EndLabels;   // Labels after invoke.
  unsigned LandingPadLabel;             // Label at beginning of landing pad.
  Function *Personality;                // Personality function.
  std::vector<int> TypeIds;             // List of type ids (filters negative)

  explicit LandingPadInfo(MachineBasicBlock *MBB)
  : LandingPadBlock(MBB)
  , LandingPadLabel(0)
  , Personality(NULL)  

/// MachineModuleInfo - This class contains meta information specific to a
/// module.  Queries can be made by different debugging and exception handling 
/// schemes and reformated for specific use.
class MachineModuleInfo : public ImmutablePass {
  /// ObjFileMMI - This is the object-file-format-specific implementation of
  /// MachineModuleInfoImpl, which lets targets accumulate whatever info they
  /// want.
  MachineModuleInfoImpl *ObjFileMMI;

  // LabelIDList - One entry per assigned label.  Normally the entry is equal to
  // the list index(+1).  If the entry is zero then the label has been deleted.
  // Any other value indicates the label has been deleted by is mapped to
  // another label.
  std::vector<unsigned> LabelIDList;
  // FrameMoves - List of moves done by a function's prolog.  Used to construct
  // frame maps by debug and exception handling consumers.
  std::vector<MachineMove> FrameMoves;
  // LandingPads - List of LandingPadInfo describing the landing pad information
  // in the current function.
  std::vector<LandingPadInfo> LandingPads;

  // Map of invoke call site index values to associated begin EH_LABEL for
  // the current function.
  DenseMap<unsigned, unsigned> CallSiteMap;

  // The current call site index being processed, if any. 0 if none.
  unsigned CurCallSite;

  // TypeInfos - List of C++ TypeInfo used in the current function.
  std::vector<GlobalVariable *> TypeInfos;

  // FilterIds - List of typeids encoding filters used in the current function.
  std::vector<unsigned> FilterIds;

  // FilterEnds - List of the indices in FilterIds corresponding to filter
  // terminators.
  std::vector<unsigned> FilterEnds;

  // Personalities - Vector of all personality functions ever seen. Used to emit
  // common EH frames.
  std::vector<Function *> Personalities;

  /// UsedFunctions - The functions in the @llvm.used list in a more easily
  /// searchable format.  This does not include the functions in
  /// llvm.compiler.used.
  SmallPtrSet<const Function *, 32> UsedFunctions;

  bool CallsEHReturn;
  bool CallsUnwindInit;
  /// DbgInfoAvailable - True if debugging information is available
  /// in this module.
  bool DbgInfoAvailable;

  static char ID; // Pass identification, replacement for typeid

  typedef std::pair<unsigned, TrackingVH<MDNode> > UnsignedAndMDNodePair;
  typedef SmallVector< std::pair<TrackingVH<MDNode>, UnsignedAndMDNodePair>, 4>
  VariableDbgInfoMapTy VariableDbgInfo;

  bool doInitialization();
  bool doFinalization();

  /// EndFunction - Discard function meta information.
  void EndFunction();

  /// getInfo - Keep track of various per-function pieces of information for
  /// backends that would like to do so.
  template<typename Ty>
  Ty &getObjFileInfo() {
    if (ObjFileMMI == 0)
      ObjFileMMI = new Ty(*this);
    return *static_cast<Ty*>(ObjFileMMI);
  template<typename Ty>
  const Ty &getObjFileInfo() const {
    return const_cast<MachineModuleInfo*>(this)->getObjFileInfo<Ty>();
  /// AnalyzeModule - Scan the module for global debug information.
  void AnalyzeModule(Module &M);
  /// hasDebugInfo - Returns true if valid debug info is present.
  bool hasDebugInfo() const { return DbgInfoAvailable; }
  void setDebugInfoAvailability(bool avail) { DbgInfoAvailable = true; }

  bool callsEHReturn() const { return CallsEHReturn; }
  void setCallsEHReturn(bool b) { CallsEHReturn = b; }

  bool callsUnwindInit() const { return CallsUnwindInit; }
  void setCallsUnwindInit(bool b) { CallsUnwindInit = b; }
  /// NextLabelID - Return the next unique label id.
  unsigned NextLabelID() {
    unsigned ID = (unsigned)LabelIDList.size() + 1;
    return ID;
  /// InvalidateLabel - Inhibit use of the specified label # from
  /// MachineModuleInfo, for example because the code was deleted.
  void InvalidateLabel(unsigned LabelID) {
    // Remap to zero to indicate deletion.
    RemapLabel(LabelID, 0);

  /// RemapLabel - Indicate that a label has been merged into another.
  void RemapLabel(unsigned OldLabelID, unsigned NewLabelID) {
    assert(0 < OldLabelID && OldLabelID <= LabelIDList.size() &&
          "Old label ID out of range.");
    assert(NewLabelID <= LabelIDList.size() &&
          "New label ID out of range.");
    LabelIDList[OldLabelID - 1] = NewLabelID;
  /// MappedLabel - Find out the label's final ID.  Zero indicates deletion.
  /// ID != Mapped ID indicates that the label was folded into another label.
  unsigned MappedLabel(unsigned LabelID) const {
    assert(LabelID <= LabelIDList.size() && "Debug label ID out of range.");
    return LabelID ? LabelIDList[LabelID - 1] : 0;

  /// getFrameMoves - Returns a reference to a list of moves done in the current
  /// function's prologue.  Used to construct frame maps for debug and exception
  /// handling comsumers.
  std::vector<MachineMove> &getFrameMoves() { return FrameMoves; }

  /// getOrCreateLandingPadInfo - Find or create an LandingPadInfo for the
  /// specified MachineBasicBlock.
  LandingPadInfo &getOrCreateLandingPadInfo(MachineBasicBlock *LandingPad);

  /// addInvoke - Provide the begin and end labels of an invoke style call and
  /// associate it with a try landing pad block.
  void addInvoke(MachineBasicBlock *LandingPad, unsigned BeginLabel,
                                                unsigned EndLabel);
  /// addLandingPad - Add a new panding pad.  Returns the label ID for the 
  /// landing pad entry.
  unsigned addLandingPad(MachineBasicBlock *LandingPad);
  /// addPersonality - Provide the personality function for the exception
  /// information.
  void addPersonality(MachineBasicBlock *LandingPad, Function *Personality);

  /// getPersonalityIndex - Get index of the current personality function inside
  /// Personalitites array
  unsigned getPersonalityIndex() const;

  /// getPersonalities - Return array of personality functions ever seen.
  const std::vector<Function *>& getPersonalities() const {
    return Personalities;

  /// isUsedFunction - Return true if the functions in the llvm.used list.  This
  /// does not return true for things in llvm.compiler.used unless they are also
  /// in llvm.used.
  bool isUsedFunction(const Function *F) {
    return UsedFunctions.count(F);

  /// addCatchTypeInfo - Provide the catch typeinfo for a landing pad.
  void addCatchTypeInfo(MachineBasicBlock *LandingPad,
                        std::vector<GlobalVariable *> &TyInfo);

  /// addFilterTypeInfo - Provide the filter typeinfo for a landing pad.
  void addFilterTypeInfo(MachineBasicBlock *LandingPad,
                         std::vector<GlobalVariable *> &TyInfo);

  /// addCleanup - Add a cleanup action for a landing pad.
  void addCleanup(MachineBasicBlock *LandingPad);

  /// getTypeIDFor - Return the type id for the specified typeinfo.  This is 
  /// function wide.
  unsigned getTypeIDFor(GlobalVariable *TI);

  /// getFilterIDFor - Return the id of the filter encoded by TyIds.  This is
  /// function wide.
  int getFilterIDFor(std::vector<unsigned> &TyIds);

  /// TidyLandingPads - Remap landing pad labels and remove any deleted landing
  /// pads.
  void TidyLandingPads();
  /// getLandingPads - Return a reference to the landing pad info for the
  /// current function.
  const std::vector<LandingPadInfo> &getLandingPads() const {
    return LandingPads;

  /// setCallSiteBeginLabel - Map the begin label for a call site
  void setCallSiteBeginLabel(unsigned BeginLabel, unsigned Site) {
    CallSiteMap[BeginLabel] = Site;

  /// getCallSiteBeginLabel - Get the call site number for a begin label
  unsigned getCallSiteBeginLabel(unsigned BeginLabel) {
    assert(CallSiteMap.count(BeginLabel) &&
           "Missing call site number for EH_LABEL!");
    return CallSiteMap[BeginLabel];

  /// setCurrentCallSite - Set the call site currently being processed.
  void setCurrentCallSite(unsigned Site) { CurCallSite = Site; }

  /// getCurrentCallSite - Get the call site currently being processed, if any.
  /// return zero if none.
  unsigned getCurrentCallSite(void) { return CurCallSite; }

  /// getTypeInfos - Return a reference to the C++ typeinfo for the current
  /// function.
  const std::vector<GlobalVariable *> &getTypeInfos() const {
    return TypeInfos;

  /// getFilterIds - Return a reference to the typeids encoding filters used in
  /// the current function.
  const std::vector<unsigned> &getFilterIds() const {
    return FilterIds;

  /// getPersonality - Return a personality function if available.  The presence
  /// of one is required to emit exception handling info.
  Function *getPersonality() const;

  /// setVariableDbgInfo - Collect information used to emit debugging information
  /// of a variable.
  void setVariableDbgInfo(MDNode *N, unsigned Slot, MDNode *Scope) {
    VariableDbgInfo.push_back(std::make_pair(N, std::make_pair(Slot, Scope)));

  VariableDbgInfoMapTy &getVariableDbgInfo() {  return VariableDbgInfo;  }

}; // End class MachineModuleInfo

} // End llvm namespace