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##===- lib/Target/X86/Makefile ----------------------------*- Makefile -*-===##
#                     The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
# This file was developed by the LLVM research group and is distributed under
# the University of Illinois Open Source License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
LEVEL = ../../..
include $(LEVEL)/Makefile.common

# Make sure that tblgen is run, first thing.
$(SourceDepend): X86GenRegisterInfo.h.inc X86GenRegisterNames.inc \
                 X86GenRegisterInfo.inc X86GenInstrNames.inc \
                 X86GenInstrInfo.inc X86GenInstrSelector.inc

X86GenRegisterNames.inc::  X86.td X86RegisterInfo.td ../Target.td $(TBLGEN)
	@echo "Building $< register names with tblgen"
	$(VERB) $(TBLGEN) -I $(BUILD_SRC_DIR) $< -gen-register-enums -o $@

X86GenRegisterInfo.h.inc:: X86.td X86RegisterInfo.td ../Target.td $(TBLGEN)
	@echo "Building $< register information header with tblgen"
	$(VERB) $(TBLGEN) -I $(BUILD_SRC_DIR) $< -gen-register-desc-header -o $@

X86GenRegisterInfo.inc:: X86.td X86RegisterInfo.td ../Target.td $(TBLGEN)
	@echo "Building $< register information implementation with tblgen"
	$(VERB) $(TBLGEN) -I $(BUILD_SRC_DIR) $< -gen-register-desc -o $@

X86GenInstrNames.inc:: X86.td X86InstrInfo.td ../Target.td $(TBLGEN)
	@echo "Building $< instruction names with tblgen"
	$(VERB) $(TBLGEN) -I $(BUILD_SRC_DIR) $< -gen-instr-enums -o $@

X86GenInstrInfo.inc:: X86.td X86InstrInfo.td ../Target.td $(TBLGEN)
	@echo "Building $< instruction information with tblgen"
	$(VERB) $(TBLGEN) -I $(BUILD_SRC_DIR) $< -gen-instr-desc -o $@

X86GenInstrSelector.inc:: X86.td X86InstrInfo.td ../Target.td $(TBLGEN)
	@echo "Building $< instruction selector with tblgen"
	$(VERB) $(TBLGEN) -I $(BUILD_SRC_DIR) $< -gen-instr-selector -o $@

	$(VERB) rm -f *.inc