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# Since this can't be at the toplevel, you either need to pass
# `--dotfile=llvm/utils/gn/.gn --root=.` to the `gn gen` command
# or use llvm/utils/gn/gn.py which calls gn with these two flags added.

buildconfig = "//llvm/utils/gn/build/BUILDCONFIG.gn"

# Disallow all calls to exec_script. We should be very conservative about
# whitelisting things here.
exec_script_whitelist = []

# The normal GN setup is to have BUILD.gn files in-tree and a root BUILD.gn
# file.  Since LLVM's GN build is unofficial, set secondary_source to tell GN
# that e.g. llvm/lib/Demangle/BUILD.gn is found at
# llvm/utils/gn/secondary/llvm/lib/Demangle/BUILD.gn and that the root BUILD.gn
# file is at llvm/utils/gn/secondary/BUILD.gn
secondary_source = "//llvm/utils/gn/secondary/"