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LLVM notes

This directory contains the Google Benchmark source code. Currently, the checked
Benchmark library version is v1.4.1.

This directory is under a different license than LLVM.


* Bazel BUILD files are removed from the library
* https://github.com/google/benchmark/commit/f85304e4e3a0e4e1bf15b91720df4a19e90b589f
  is applied on top of the v1.4.1 to silence compiler warnings
* https://github.com/google/benchmark/commit/505be96ab23056580a3a2315abba048f4428b04e
  is applied to comply with the LLVM's required CMake version
* https://github.com/google/benchmark/commit/f0901417c89d123474e6b91365029cfe32cf89dc
  is applied to fix 32-bit build failure on macOS
* https://github.com/google/benchmark/commit/52613079824ac58d06c070aa9fbbb186a5859e2c
  is applied to fix cross compilation with MinGW headers
* https://github.com/google/benchmark/commit/439d6b1c2a6da5cb6adc4c4dfc555af235722396
  is applied to fix building with MinGW headers for ARM
* https://github.com/google/benchmark/commit/a9b31c51b1ee7ec7b31438c647123c2cbac5d956
  is applied to disable exceptions in Microsoft STL when exceptions are disabled
* Disabled CMake get_git_version as it is meaningless for this in-tree build,
  and hardcoded a null version
* https://github.com/google/benchmark/commit/4abdfbb802d1b514703223f5f852ce4a507d32d2
  is applied on top of v1.4.1 to add RISC-V timer support.
* https://github.com/google/benchmark/commit/8e48105d465c586068dd8e248fe75a8971c6ba3a
  is applied on top of v1.4.1 to fix cross-build from linux to windows via MinGW.