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; RUN: llc -mtriple=x86_64-pc-win32 -stop-after machine-sink %s -o %t.mir
; RUN: FileCheck %s < %t.mir
; RUN: llc %t.mir -mtriple=x86_64-pc-win32 -run-pass machine-sink
; Check that callee saved registers are printed in a format that can then be parsed.

declare x86_regcallcc i32 @callee(i32 %a0, i32 %b0, i32 %c0, i32 %d0, i32 %e0)

define i32 @caller(i32 %a0) nounwind {
  %b1 = call x86_regcallcc i32 @callee(i32 %a0, i32 %a0, i32 %a0, i32 %a0, i32 %a0)
  %b2 = add i32 %b1, %a0
  ret i32 %b2
; CHECK:    name: caller
; CHECK:    CALL64pcrel32 @callee, CustomRegMask($bh,$bl,$bp,$bph,$bpl,$bx,$ebp,$ebx,$esp,$hbp,$hbx,$hsp,$rbp,$rbx,$rsp,$sp,$sph,$spl,$r10,$r11,$r12,$r13,$r14,$r15,$xmm8,$xmm9,$xmm10,$xmm11,$xmm12,$xmm13,$xmm14,$xmm15,$r10b,$r11b,$r12b,$r13b,$r14b,$r15b,$r10bh,$r11bh,$r12bh,$r13bh,$r14bh,$r15bh,$r10d,$r11d,$r12d,$r13d,$r14d,$r15d,$r10w,$r11w,$r12w,$r13w,$r14w,$r15w,$r10wh,$r11wh,$r12wh,$r13wh,$r14wh,$r15wh), implicit $rsp, implicit $ssp, implicit $eax, implicit $ecx, implicit $edx, implicit $edi, implicit $esi, implicit-def $rsp, implicit-def $ssp, implicit-def $eax
; CHECK:    RET 0, $eax

define x86_regcallcc {i32, i32, i32} @test_callee(i32 %a0, i32 %b0, i32 %c0, i32 %d0, i32 %e0) nounwind {
  %b1 = mul i32 7, %e0
  %b2 = udiv i32 5, %e0
  %b3 = mul i32 7, %d0
  %b4 = insertvalue {i32, i32, i32} undef, i32 %b1, 0
  %b5 = insertvalue {i32, i32, i32} %b4, i32 %b2, 1
  %b6 = insertvalue {i32, i32, i32} %b5, i32 %b3, 2
  ret {i32, i32, i32} %b6
; CHECK: name:            test_callee
; CHECK: calleeSavedRegisters: [ '$rbx', '$rbp', '$rsp', '$r10', '$r11', '$r12',
; CHECK:                         '$r13', '$r14', '$r15', '$xmm8', '$xmm9', '$xmm10',
; CHECK:                         '$xmm11', '$xmm12', '$xmm13', '$xmm14', '$xmm15' ]
; CHECK: RET 0, $eax, $ecx, $edx